Would you like to do more than just hold it?

The SNB series of spring applied brakes from Ogura allows machine designers to not just use a brake for holding but also for stopping a load. A large surface area friction disc allows for many trouble-free cycles. Standard voltages are 24 and 90, but other voltage options are available. Large units have tapped holes for manual release. Optional manual release lever is available by special order.


Since these brakes are used for both stopping and holding, custom designs like built-in thermistors to measure brake temperature rise are available. SNB brakes have a thin and compact profile and are often used as motor brakes in robotics, medical equipment, aerospace, security gates and doors, electric vehicle parking brakes, elevators and hoists.


Benefits you will see using Ogura holding brakes:

  • Brakes are designed for both stopping and holding.
  • Standard voltages are 24 and 90, but other coil voltages are possible.
  • Brakes are designed for holding and emergency stops.
  • Release lever options available.


See how Holding Brakes work, click here.

Installation video, click here.

For models and dimensions, click here


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