When EMC is of vital importance

Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) is not only mandatory in medical technology.  If wireless communication between medical applications gets disrupted, it can have serious consequences for the patient. SCHURTER works together with developers in the medical industry to develop applications that comply with the strictest EMC standards.

For patients with an implanted device,such as a pacemaker, communicationbetween the device and a control unittakes place wirelessly via a radio signal.This signal has a specific frequency, sono radiation may be emitted from theelectronics in applications used in thatfrequency range. EMC therefore plays acrucial role in the development of theseapplications.

Touch controller

For the design of the touch controller, use ismade of a PCB with several copper layers.The outer layers then act as a shield so thatsignals in the inner layer cannot cause anyemission. Filter components are placedat the cable connections that do havecontact with the outside world and at thesensor connection, so that interferencefrom the chip is stopped. Linear regulatorsare used for the power supply insteadof switched ones, because they alsoproduce interference.


Many medical applications use an LCDthat is controlled by internal electronics. Tolimit their emission, a shielding film can beplaced in front of the screen. This is doneby using a mesh foil with an electricallyconductive grid that has a shieldingfunction for interference from the LCD.While many of these mesh films darkenthe image, SCHURTER uses a film with avery high transparency so that the imageitself is not affected.


Prototypes are tested for EMC propertiesin a specially designed radiation-free room.The product is placed in the test room,connected to the cabling and switchedon. All signals around the frequency inquestion are registered by an antenna inthe test room and transmitted via coaxialcable to a spectrum analyser outsidethe room. An algorithm determines anaverage value for these signals, whichmust lie between 2 set values.

Cost reduction in theproduction process.

Because paying attention to EMCrequirements is already part of the firstdesign of the product, the choice ofmaterials and their constructions areadjusted accordingly. Therefore, it ispossible to develop a high quality product,that fits perfectly into the productionprocess, without too much additionalcosts. And, most important, with the rightEMC properties.SCHURTER is a company that workscontinuously to optimise productionprocesses. This way, the customer isassured of a safe, EMC-compatibleproduct at a competitive cost.



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