Standard & Bespoke Starters Available From EMO

Standard & Bespoke Starters

Standard & Bespoke Starters

Crompton Controls have made industrial electric motor starters for generations and are still No1 in what they do with a huge installed base and the widest range from a single UK manufacturer.

What is standard for Crompton Controls is often not even available from others or at the very least not available in the lead time we can provide.

Our experienced Sales & Technical Support Teams are readily contactable to help you select from Crompton Controls massive back catalogue or design a bespoke starter to suit your exact specification from special control features to enhanced connectivity or any other custom solution.

Get off to the right start with the best known electric motor starter manufacturer in the UK! Crompton Controls

Now available from Electric Motors Online

For more information please contact us on:

02476 980833


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