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PerMix Engineering Team Presents: The Advantages Of Hybrid Mixers

Do you remember years ago when you were forced to choose between mixer types? Do you remember when you had to heat in one vessel, then cool in another? Have you ever been forced to change a production line to fit your new product? If so, imagine putting all these issues to bed.

Since 1954 PerMix has been leading the industry with our innovation, performance, & quality, in regards to mixing solutions and the advancement of our Hybrid Mixers is why we are the most disruptive brands in the industry.

  • 3-in-1 Agitation: Our interchangeable agitation style allows users to switch between paddle, plow, & segmented ribbon, creating the "Swiss Army Knife" of mixers. Imagine the ability to choose one mixer for today's applications & having the flexibility to change for tomorrow's potential with ease. The PerMix Hybrid Mixers will allow you to do just that.


  • Heat & Chill: Our ASME certified jackets allows for the ability to heat & chill all in one. The ability to heat & chill in one unit allow for the ultimate batch control while improving QA, SQF, & HACCP, while at the same time reducing labor stress and minimizing manpower, yet increasing productivity & profits


  •  Vacuum: The ability to add vacuum to our PerMix Hybrid Mixers will also allow the ability to deaerate products during production, allowing the need for deaeration after to be eliminated, saving production time. In addition, vacuum processing has certain advantages such as increased nutritional values in food products, aseptic mixing & processing of products, increased shelf life of finished products, & the ability to decrease processing times while increasing quality.

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