How thin do you need to be? (RNB-T and MCNB-T)

Ogura electromagnetic thin style holding brakes: Ultra-thin style of holding brakes are designed to reduce the overall footprint of a motor brake package. Through internal flux improvements, brakes are thinner and lighter but can produce similar torques of previous designs.


Standard brakes are rated up to 50 Nm / 37 lb-ft. Custom designs with thermistors and built-in sensors are possible. Brakes are primarily designed for holding but can accommodate emergency stops. Some coils are designed for low power operation (12V) but 24V is required for brake disengagement. Brakes are primarily used for robotics, warehouse automation, medical equipment, electric vehicle parking brakes and on various stepper and servomotors.


Benefits you will see using Ogura holding brakes:

  • Torque is electrically controlled over a very wide speed range.
  •  Units are sealed and do not produce wear particles.
  • Larger units are available with fans for forced air cooling, providing additional heat dissipation.
  • Extremely fast torque response.
  • Units can be sized for continuous slip.


See how Holding Brakes work, click here.

For RNB models and dimensions, click here and look for “-T” suffix

For MCNB models and dimensions, click here and look for “-T” suffix 


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