Holding brakes smaller than a penny

Requirements for fine controls and robotics and medical equipment are becoming smaller all the time. Small motors and gearing are required to drive various holding, lifting, and positioning mechanisms. In many of these applications, such as robotic surgery, even a small unplanned movement can cause injury, so precise motion control is critical.


Brakes are designed for holding and emergency stop only. They are mainly connected directly to servomotors or micro gear reducers for various robotics and medical applications. Micro brakes come in two styles, circular or square, to match up with the servo motor frame size.


These units are designed to meet the market demands of low power, light weight, precise torque, and high speed. Static torque ratings are 2 to 50 mNm.


Benefits you will see using Ogura holding brakes:

  • Brakes provide holding power when voltage is released.
  • Standard voltages are 24 and 90, but other coil voltages are possible.
  • Brakes are designed for holding and emergency stops.Brakes available in round or square to match servo motor style. 


See how Holding Brakes work, click here.

For models and dimensions, click here.


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