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Mr Steve McKay

About us

Motion Control Products is a technology company, expert in smart, high performance universal servo & stepper motors, drives, motion and automation solutions. We help our customers succeed through engineering knowledge, experience and access to a diverse portfolio of motion and automation products.

For over 25 years Motion Control Products Ltd continue to partner the most respected names in industry. In so doing MCP have developed an enviable reputation as a provider of motion control solutions for high power density, high precision, small form factor and extreme environment applications such as robotics, UAV, ROV, AGV, medical devices, surveillance and defence. We are equally adept at outfitting general purpose and industrial automation. This includes CNC production machines, food & beverage, packaging, converting, and special purpose machinery.

Motion Control Products work with leading edge technology products for high performance applications, while still being able to provide best-in-class solutions for tighter budget constraints, offering our customers electric motors of all types, including high efficiency BLDC and stepper & servo motors, drives, gearboxes, linear actuators and mechatronic components to affect any kind of motion, with communication protocols to match.

Our main product portfolio include:

· stepper motors & servo motors;
· stepper drives & servo drives;
· brushless / stepper motors with integrated electronics;
· piezo motors;
· linear motors and torque motors;
· electric actuators with IP rating up to IP69K;
· planetary / strainwaved gearboxes;
· harmonic actuators;
· capacitive encoders;
· slip rings;
· motion controllers;
· HMI & PLC;
· collaborative Robots;
· mechanical components including machine profile extrusion.

We have our own manufacturing facility for high volume applications, and an integration team who help our customers put together the optimal solution between electrical, mechanical and control components.

In 2023/2024, we introduced a new line of products, with the high power density Flexpro servo drives, harmonic actuators, piezo motors, high force electric linear actuators, and machine profile extrusion, catering to industry demands for efficiency, increased output, and cost reduction. We have also launched some really innovative MMF linear motors, in which the platen houses no rare earth magnets, which means long stroke applications can save on the costs of rare earth magnets, in a time where costs and moving towards a more ‘Net Zero’ transition are required.

Motion Control Products Ltd. offers an unparalleled support service from our UK office, along with an external sales force that is available to meet and discuss your application needs. With offices now located in the USA, Hong Kong and mainland China, make Motion Control Products your global automation components and system motion partner.

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Drives & Controls

Encoders and motion sensors

Motion Control Products are the official distributor for four of the world’s leading encoder manufacturers: Netzer, CUI Devices, Bogen and US Digital. Among these four, our complete ranges cover the both rotary and linear encoder forms using the latest generation technologies. Electric Encoders™ from Netzer: Our newly launched Electric Encoders™ from Netzer are a range of absolute-position, rotary electric encoders, featuring with high accuracy, low profile, hollow shaft geometry, and remarkable low weight and inertia. The encoder ranges have OD size from 16mm to 130mm). Typical applications cover from harsh environment and defense, industrial automation, collaborative and medical robotics through unmanned vehicles and aerospace to special low orbit and deep space missions. AMT capacitive encoders from CUI Devices: Our AMT capacitive encoders are a range of rugged, high-accuracy modular encoders available in incremental, absolute and commutation versions. Using capacitive sensing technology, the AMT series encoders are not easily contaminated by dirt, dust and oil that typically plague encoders in industrial environments. By using a semiconductor instead of an LED, our AMT modular encoders can avoid LED burn-out issue. With a range of resolutions (some models are programmable via AMT Viewpoint™ GUI), all AMT capacitive encoder ranges are also available as a Kit. Combined with an operating temperature range from -40°C up to 125°C, high accuracy, simple assembly, and low current draw, AMT modular encoders provide an ideal solution for industrial, automation, robotics, and renewable energy applications. BOGEN’s linear magnetic scales: LMS series linear magnetic scales from BOGEN in Germany ensure highly reliable and accurate results up to 3 microns wherever positions and motions have to be measured. They are resistant against humidity, contamination, temperature fluctuations and vibrations and therefore ideal for use in harsh industrial environment.

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