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Drives & Controls

Brakes, clutches and couplings

Revolutionary Safety Brake from STOBER. When an assembly line needs to stop immediately because of a power failure or hazardous situation, factory safety is only as good as the braking system. With a goal to increase safety, STOBER created ServoStop, a revolutionary holding brake that provides redundant braking power. Safety is very important today and what ServoStop does is stop a vertical load dropping and causing injury to someone. Everyone is concerned about employees wearing personal protective equipment, but STOBER sees system braking as an area of safety becoming an industry standard. ServoStop is not only designed for Servo brand products, but can be used on any other gear reducer STOBER offers. It is very versatile and offers a number of products that optimise solutions for your machine or specific application. STOBER ServoStop is incorporated into the gearbox input. The STOBER application enables users to have the gearbox, ServoStop and motor. However, competitor’s systems need a gearbox, input adaptor, safety brake and motor, and this tends to make the overall package considerably longer than the STOBER system. ServoStop is ideal for the automation, machine tool, automotive and aerospace industries, or anywhere someone is interfacing with a machine with a vertical axis. Currently, most machines have a gearbox, regular input, motor and a brake, which is what protects the vertical load from stopping. With ServoStop, if something goes wrong with the motor brake, ServoStop and the redundant motor holding brake take equal responsibility in holding the load. ServoStop can be used dynamically when a quick E-stop is needed. STOBER provides solutions to a variety of industries including aerospace, automation, automotive manufacturing, beverage, printing, food processing, machine tool, material handling, medical, packaging, plastics/composites, process/valve control, robotics and semiconductor. If you wish to find out how STOBER can help you

Gears and variators

New Generation Of Planetary Gear Units From STOBER. Their Combination Of Options Makes This New Range The Most Compact and Versatile Product On The Market In Their Power Range. STOBER has developed the third generation of servo geared motors, which are the most compact drive solutions on the market with their level of versatility. This has been achieved by significantly reducing the length of the new gear units. What’s more, all STOBER motors, such as the EZ series, or sensor-less Lean motors, can be directly attached without an adapter, in any desired size. As a consequence of the new and compact size, users now benefit from lower weight, higher torque, and an increase in power density of up to 65%. There is also a space-saving benefit too. The new generation of planetary gear units are highly robust and features high backlash stability. And with excellent gearing quality, high torque acceleration, operational accuracy and precision are also achieved. In fact, users benefit from an increase of acceleration torques of 60%, an increase in speed of 45% and an increase of the torsional stiffness by up to 50%. The most impressive feature of this new generation of STOBER planetary gear units is its enormous variability. Not only can the gear units be combined with different STOBER motors via direct attachment, they can also be attached to all third-party motors of any size using variable adapters. STOBER motor adapters are available with different couplings, including ServoStop with integrated brake. The design of the adapter, with its extra-large motor plate, makes it possible to connect the most compact STOBER gear units to very large motors. Get the full story at or for more information about how STOBER can help you specify the correct choice of Gears for your application, please call 01543 458 858.

Industrial motors and drives

The STOBER range of motors and drives includes the following products: Synchronous Servo Geared Motors With a wide range of right-angle, inline and offset geared motors, STOBER offers the best choice for application-optimized servo axes, the compact and highly dynamic drive unit consisting of an EZ motor and a gear unit. EZ Inline and Offset Geared Motors STOBER inline and offset geared motors are available as planetary geared motors and as helical or offset helical geared motors. Offset helical geared motors have a parallel input and output and a large shaft-centre distance. Lean Geared Motors Lean geared motors include an extensive range of right-angle, inline and offset geared motors that provide the best conditions for energy-efficient automation tasks. This is a robust and compact drive unit consisting of LM motor and gear unit. LM Inline and Offset Geared Motors The STOBER inline and offset geared motors are available as planetary geared motors as well as spur-gear and offset helical geared motors. The offset helical geared motors a parallel input and output with a large axle offset. All other geared motors have a coaxial design. Asynchronous Geared Motors The modular geared motor system from STOBER comprises three types. All gear units are characterized by their leak-proof design, quiet operation and robust reliability. It is a compact drive unit consisting of an asynchronous motor and a gear unit. Inline and Offset Geared Motors With the coaxial helical geared motors and the offset helical geared motors STOBER offers two different geared motor series. Both have a high-quality and robust design. Both series have high-quality gearing for low noise and a long lifetime. From 0.75 kW with energy efficient asynchronous motor acc. to IEC 60034-30, integrated in the modular drive system. Contact us now by calling 01543 458 858 for more information.

Machine safety

Safe Brake Management from STOBER. STOBER has a highly innovative machine safety solution that is developed in conjunction with safety experts, Pilz, that maximises the safety, efficiency and flexibility of your automated manufacturing plant. Integrated with the SD6 drive controller, the new SE6 advanced safety module ensures that STOBER driven machinery can be stopped at any time without damage to the plant or injury to the operator. It also ensures that after a safety stop, the process of getting your system up and running again can be done efficiently, to ensure that when your system is restarted, everything runs smoothly. This means that you do not need to worry about system stops taking far longer than they should and costing you wasted time and money. More importantly, there is no loss of performance through the use of this new safety technology. Designing the SE6 with SE6 is easy, as you specify the motors, cables and encoders. No special encoders or complicated formatting is required. The SD6 drive controller is one of STOBER’s 6th Generation Drive Controllers. This series of drive controllers offers maximum productivity and precision for mechanical engineering and automation technology, and features ever more complex functions. These latest generation dynamic drives ensure the shortest recovery times from fast changes in set value and load jumps. There is also an option of connecting the drive controllers in a DC intermediate circuit for multi-axis applications, which improves the energy footprint of the entire system. Two videos are available – you will be able to access them soon on the ‘News article section’ of this Buyers Guide. One video covers the system, specification and application, whilst the second film gives you more information about safety, standards and testing. Contact us now by calling 01543 458 858 for more information.

Power electronics

STOBER offers a wide range of highly versatile power electronics: • Controllers Motion control components for CODESYS programming and control software. By combining the motion controller MC6 with the drive controllers SD6 and SI6, STOBER provides the perfect blend of drive control and drive technology in a single modular software and hardware system. The synergy potential of this consistent system logic offers many opportunities for optimising automation and robotic applications. This enables highly complex and rapid motion sequences to be implemented smoothly and precisely. • Drive controllers The 6th generation series of STOBER drive controllers offers maximum precision and productivity for mechanical engineering and automation technology, and are designed for compatibility with ever more complex functions. Highly dynamic drives ensure the shortest recovery times from rapid changes in set value and load jumps. There is also an option of connecting the drive controllers in a DC intermediate circuit for multi-axis applications. This improves the energy footprint of the entire system. • Software There is an infinite variety of drive applications which comprise basic functions, such as winder control, positioning control, synchronous operation, or function control. The effective use of everyday functionality and application driven purpose are key aspects of the STOBER commissioning software, as well as the other software modules and programmes available from the company. • Cables: Ready-to-use cable assemblies The quality of the cable connection between motor and drive controller affects the functional safety and endurance of a system axis. Using the recommended cables will ensure the optimised and electrically stable interaction of the connected components, as failure to follow these recommendations may affect warranty rights. • Accessories The STOBER world of electronics is complemented by a wide range of accessories. These include Safety Technology, Terminal Modules, Communication Modules, Quick DC-Links, Braking Resisters, Chokes and lots more.

Precision drives and motion control

“STOBER drive technology for perfectionists” is the way everyone at STOBER likes to think about the range of precision drives and motion control. We’ve found that engineers who have tried inferior solutions will end up talking to STOBER about the best quality solutions to their drive problems. With the broadest possible range of drive components imaginable, and the highest level of design capability, STOBER should be your first call for precision drives and motion control. From the gear rack and geared motor to open-loop or closed-loop control to intuitive design software, the STOBER package provides you with the interfaces, functionality and components you need. As well as the practical support to ensure your gear solutions are specified, installed, operate and are serviced seamlessly, you have access to the STOBER global network of engineers. We will even attend your site if you have a major problem. The STOBER precision drives and motion control range includes: • High torque gearboxes • Planetary gearheads • Right angled gearhead • Servo geared motors • Servo gear units with brake • Rack and pinion drives • Synchronous servo geared motors • Lean geared motors • Synchronous servo motors for screw drives • Drive controllers • Safety braking systems • and lots more. STOBER has been creating superb drive technology for more than 80 years. You can rest assured that we understand your needs, the needs of our customers and the fact that you are looking for the ultimate in drive efficiency and reliability. Research, development, production, technical consultation or design support, you can rely on STOBER to help you to integrate the most suitable and cost-effective drive system for your specific need or process. You can benefit from high level skills and expertise that go beyond the obvious technical qualifications, and combine this with an equal measure of dedication, dependability and friendly clear communication, wherever you are.